Using the latest concepts and forming a social circle iconX as a form of communication, in addition to everyone having a different identity world, there are also professional commercial interactive identities, which can be exchanged in addition to making different professional business cards. Become a different group, consolidate friends, communicate with each other, make new friends, build interest circles, create business opportunities, and share your own achievements.
main feature:
. Super powerful group features. Build a group to find groups, manage groups, and ban a word.
. There is no limit to communication. Social circles reinforce your identity: interest, professionalism, and business identity are at your disposal.
. Unlimited capacity. A lot of business cards can be seen along with
. A search is there. According to name, industry, keyword is there
. Share it instantly. Take a shot, all the information sharing exchange
. Business card exchange. Click one system, new friends instant exchange
. Personality card. Hundreds of styles match, exclusive card with you
. Mass exchange. Click and hundreds of people at the scene receive
. Traditional card conversion. Sweep and convert card data in real time
. Identify multiple languages and intelligently manage global customers
. Share custom business cards to social networks